Roman Empire Augustus – Silver Cistophorus obverse of Augustus, reverse of six grain ears, bound together 27 BC to AD 14 NGC XF* Strike – 5/5 Surface – 5/5

For close to 60 years, Augustus was a dominant player in Rome’s political scene – as the grand nephew and heir of Julius Caesar, Augustus was able to mold the character of the Republic into a truly different system of government, with a ruling figurehead, complete with veto powers , this latter of which had the effect of formally ending the Republic. Rome was now a constitutional hereditary monarchy that would persist for another 500 years in the West, and another 1500 in the East.

Augustus (formerly Octavian) is considered the first Roman “emperor”. An Extremely Fine Cistophorus is on offer here, a sizable silver denomination with a splendid portrait of Augustus. Well struck on good metal, it offers a chance at a fine portrait of the emperor on a silver coin much larger that the more commonly encountered denarii.

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Offered @ $4,440 delivered