WGC Unveils Social Responsibility Report by the Gold Industry

According to the report, the pandemic has had an impact on businesses across the globe.

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): The Gold Responsibility & Paramount Mission” summit held in Beijing on November 6th provides social responsibility report by the gold industry on prevention and control during times of crisis. The report, prepared jointly by the China Gold Association, Shanghai Gold Exchange, World Gold Council and Sina Finance, focuses on the efforts undertaken by the Chinese gold industry in overcoming the difficulties of the time.

According to the report, the pandemic has had an impact on businesses across the globe. However, all major gold companies were holding fast to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. All these companies formulated and implemented anti-epidemic measures, which helped them to resume production in a timely and regulatory manner. Also, gold regulatory bodies and industry trade associations played leading role in mobilizing the entire industry back into action.


Gold heading back to 1872 supports as European stocks tumble

Yen and Dollar surges broadly as European stocks tumble sharp on the come back of coronavirus. At the moment, FTSE is down -1.77%> DAX is down -3.25%. CAC is down -3.07%. DOW future is also down nearly -500 pts.

Gold drops back below 1900 handle today, following the rally in Dollar. While it’s essentially still range bound, focus is back on 1872.85 support. Firm break there will suggest that whole corrective pattern from 2075.18 high is extending with another leg through 1848.39 low.


Gold rebounds as Fed’s new inflation strategy boosts investor appetite

The fallout from the US Fed’s new inflation strategy continued on Friday, with investors finding comfort that policy will remain accommodative. This saw the ANZ China Commodity Index ending the session up 0.2%. This capped off a positive week for commodities, with the CCI rising 0.6%. Industrial metals led the complex, with nickel and copper recording strong gains. Precious metals were also stronger, with gold rising 1.3% over the week. Crude oil gained, sending the energy sector higher. Bulk commodities ended the week lower, as iron ore fell. Agriculture was down over the course of the week.


Gold Price Surges Over $2,000/oz For The First Time In History

Gold Breaks $2,000/oz and Surges to $2,042/oz – New All Time Record Nominal Highs

◆ Gold surged past the important $2,000/oz level to a new record high today due to concerns about the outlook for stocks, bonds and other assets in an increasingly vulnerable U.S. and global economy.

◆ Gold has surged to new record highs in all major currencies today including new record highs in British pounds at £1,554/oz and in euros at €1,720/oz due to concerns about the outlook both for assets and currencies such as the euro, pound and all fiat currencies.

◆ The price of gold surged over $2,042/oz, supported by the mounting virus and economic lockdown fallout and record deficit spending by governments and central bank currency creation to buy bonds and others assets in the debt laden financial system.

◆ The explosion and destruction in Beirut highlighted the risk of war in a very unstable Middle East and a scramble for safe haven assets as some 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded in Beirut, reducing parts of the Lebanese capital to rubble.

◆ Gold has reached new record nominal highs due to a combination of financial, economic, monetary and geopolitical risks and many analysts are forecasting further gains in the coming months with the $3,000 per ounce level being call for by many analysts including GoldCore.

◆ There are increasing concerns about the value of the dollar and other currencies due to currency creation on a scale not seen since Weimar Germany. This comes at a time when savers are not getting any yield on their bank deposits and are increasingly facing negative rates on depreciating currencies.


PRECIOUS-Gold bursts through $2,000/oz barrier to new record

* Gold needs a period of consolidation -technical analysts

* Silver rises to more than 7-year high

By Eileen Soreng

Aug 5 (Reuters) – Gold soared to a record high on Wednesday as a weakening dollar, falling returns on U.S. bonds and a break above historic resistance at $2,000 an ounce added momentum to buying by investors seeking a safe store of value.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has roiled markets, gold has gained nearly 35% this year and is one of 2020’s best performing assets.

Investors fear economic stimulus unleashed in response to the pandemic will trigger inflation, devaluing other assets, and keeping bond yields historically low, which enhances the appeal of non-yielding gold.


Gold: Set to test $2300 over next 12 months – Citibank

Analysts at Citigroup have revised up their gold-price forecasts across the time horizons, given the latest relentless rise in the yellow metal to fresh record highs of $1981.34.

Key quotes

“Still further to go, short-term target $2,100, then $2,300 in 6 to 12 months.”

“Prices seem biased to stay higher for longer, with 2019-2020 emerging into a unique bull regime for the yellow metal.” 


Gold pullback extends to start the session, silver also down by 9% on the day now

The pullback is getting violent

Gold has fallen to a low of $1,907 on the day as the sharp fall continues following futures touching over $2,000 earlier in the day. Meanwhile, silver is tailing off to a low of $22.32 or down by 9% after having touched just above $26 in Asian trading earlier.

As mentioned yesterday, the $2,000 mark may be a bit of a stretch for gold given how rapid the rise has been since firmly breaching the $1,800 level at the start of last week.
Historically, the parabolic moves in the commodities space tends to lead to violent pullbacks and today is but an example of that. For some context, the high for gold today was $1,981 and we are trading nearly $70 below that now.


Gold’s ‘Freight Train’ Rally Continues With Sights Set on Record

(Bloomberg) — Investors continue to pile into gold as prices advanced for a fifth day, moving ever closer to the all-time high reached in 2011. A weaker dollar, negative real rates, worries over the economic cost of the pandemic and flaring political tensions have both gold and silver heading for their biggest annual gain in a decade. Silver, which rallied 20% over the previous four days before

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Gold has room to overshoot to the topside

Commerzbank technical analysis on gold is looking for it towards $2000:

  • is on course for the 1921.50 September 2011 high
  • there is room for an overshoot to the top of a 49-year channel at 1983.00 … our long-term target …  should hold the initial test and provoke some profit taking
  • Forays above 2000 are expected to remain short-lived”  

Support is offered by the 55-day ma at 1797 

  • and the four-month uptrend at 1795
  • Below 1795 lies the 1765 May high. This guards the 1670 June low.