!!! SOLD !!! Mint Quality Athenian Tetradrachm

Ca 440 – 404 BC

NGC MS*; Strike 5/5; Surface 5/5

The most prominent city in Ancient Greece militarily and economically, Athens had at its disposal an almost inexhaustible supply of silver from the mines it controlled at Laurion. This mine would be instrumental as Athenian influence increased in the region. To facilitate this expansion, a large supply of coinage was necessary, both for international economy and as a means of declaring Athems’ dominance in the region. The famous “owl” silver coinage was introduced around 520 BC, featuring the helmeted head of Athena, and on the reverse, the standing figure of an owl, her sacred bird. Over time, the design of the owls became more streamlined, culminating in the naturalistic style of the coins on offer here.

Struck around the time period of the Peloponnesian War (431 to 404 BC), these ancient trade coins formed the basis of the Greek economy in antiquity and circulated widely in the Mediterranean region and beyond. Athenian “owls” are a good candidate for being the most famous coins of antiquity, and provide a link to the history and style of the ancient world that is without parallel.

A superb specimen of the ancient Greek tetradrachm is on offer today -with an appealing lustrous silvery bloom and light golden highlights, it is certified Mint State* by NGC. Furthermore, is well struck and sports excellent surfaces, as the 10 out of 10 rating from NGC for Strike and Surface attests.

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