1918/7-S Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS MS63

Immensely Popular

As the most prominent nonstandard variety within the Standing Liberty quarter series, the 1918/7-S overdate enjoys perpetual high demand. A single obverse die first received an impression from a 1917-S (Type Two) working hub, but when it went back into the press, it received an impression from a 1918-S hub instead of one with a matching date. On the last digit of the date, the 8 was laid over the top of the 7, creating the overdate feature. Alan Herbert’s “Coin Clinic” column for the January 16, 2001 edition of Numismatic News offers an intriguing perspective on the rarity of the 1918/7-S quarter. In response to the question “Is there any special reason why the overdate is relatively rare?” he offers this answer: “One reason given, but mostly overlooked is the notation that the single die involved in this overdate cracked through the date at a fairly early stage and apparently was taken out of service after only a relatively small number were struck. Since die life in that era was not very high to begin with, this didn’t leave very many of the coins to reach circulation.”

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