Our Services

The Republic Precious Metals Exchange staff has been serving the bullion and numismatic communities since 1997 and we focus our business on personalized precious metals consulting. We are proficient in prescribing a blend of physical bullion and rare coins to hedge against correlated individual dollar-denominated 401(k), 403(b) and IRA accounts. Our traders’ emphasis is on education versus selling, which allows our clientele to make confident choices regarding adding precious metals to their portfolios.

If you’re new to this asset class, we recommend a free confidential telephone consultation with an RPMEX, LLC trading representative to determine your goals and objectives. Whether your emphasis is growth or protection, our traders can recommend products best suited for your portfolio.

Bullion Trading

Physical possession of bullion is the classic hedge against the troubled U.S. dollar. Our relationships with world mints and first-tier metal suppliers allows RPMEX to provide close spreads and timely delivery of hundreds of bullion products including bars, ingots, coins and grains. We manage a two-way market allowing for timely liquidity when needed, keeping your satisfaction as our primary goal. Call for current bullion offerings.

Rare Coins

Many financial advisors agree that investors owning certified rare coins as a private transaction satisfies the same criteria as IRA’s , Qualified Plans and even Annuities.  Meaning, they all grow tax deferred they don’t incur annual fees and can be passed down in an estate privately with no early withdrawal penalties!

Rare coins are a hard asset with no maintenance cost, try that with real estate! In addition, certified coins have a dual function of being both money, ( U.S. legal tender ) and property,( you own it ) that no other asset can match for liquidity and piece of mind. Diversity can save your neck when things fall apart, we all saw that in the crash of 2008. People who bought gold as a hedge lost less money and have retained more portfolio strength than those who did not. That means more profit and better opportunities for growth for for gold owners. See our Rare Coin offerings here…


What is the value of your coins? Do you have coins you want to sell? Do you have an estate you want appraised? Do you just want to see what your coins might be worth?

Determining fair market value and a bid price of what we would be willing to give you for your coins.

Call to learn more about our appraisal services.