Ron Paul on Fed Interest Rate Cut


Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul issued the following statement regarding the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will be reducing interest rates for the first time in a decade:

“The Federal Reserve’s reduction of its benchmark interest rate from 2.25% to 2% is a textbook illustration of a popular definition of insanity: taking the same actions over and over again and expecting different results. Since the stock market meltdown of 2008, the Fed has unsuccessfully tried to pump up the economy via historic low interest rates and Quantitative Easing. As anyone except those who believe the government’s manipulated statistics knows, these policies failed to revive the economy. Instead of acknowledging its mistakes, the Fed is resorting to another rate cut in a desperate—and what will prove futile—attempt to forestall another central bank-created recession, albeit one exacerbated by President Trump’s destructive trade war.

The bright side of the Fed’s failure is that it will increase public interest in Austrian Economics and alternatives to the Fed, such as precious metals and crypto currencies, and auditing and ending the Fed. My Campaign for Liberty organization will continue to mobilize pro-liberty Americans to pass Audit the Fed legislation at the federal level and increase the number of states that have restored gold and silver as legal tender.”