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Kilo (32.15 oz) Gold Bar | Our Choice

Kilogram size gold bars are popular with high-net worth investors that want a stable foundation for their portfolio. The ultimate status symbol and one of the most desired gold bars for stacking.

Kilo gold bars are in an asset class all to themselves. These bars each contain 32.15 troy ounces of pure gold bullion, which makes them eligible to meet the “Good Delivery” standards of the LBMA.


1 kilo gold bars have a minimum purity of 0.999 and are normally 0.9999 pure. They contain 1000 grams or 32.15 troy ounces of pure 24k gold bullion.

Gold kilo bars make for an ideal store of wealth in a relatively small space. As a result of elemental gold’s high density, these gold bars are each roughly the size of a modern smart phone. This also helps to make concealing them in a discrete location relatively easy.

Kilo gold bars are popular because of their allure and they generally have the lowest price per ounce over spot price. They are conveniently sized that is ideal for discrete storing and stacking.

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AU – Gold


Royal Canadian Mint

Metal Content Weight

32.15 troy oz.



IRA Eligible