$20 Gold Liberty Double Eagle XF “Extremely Fine” (Random Dates)


Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles graded XF “Extremely Fine” condition are an excellent choice to hold gold in coinage that is over a century old.   Many investors prefer pre-1933 U.S. Gold as a hedge versus modern gold bullion. Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles can be very rare and collectible, however these in XF “Extremely Fine” condition are common random dates of our choice.

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The Liberty Head double eagle or Coronet double eagle is an American twenty-dollar gold piece struck as a pattern coin in 1849, and for commerce from 1850 to 1907. It was designed by Mint of the United States Chief Engraver James B. Longacre.

These coins were minted at various United States mints with a denomination of $20. (Its gold content of 0.9675 troy oz (30.0926 grams) was worth $20 at the 1849 official price of $20.67/oz.) The coins are made from a 90% gold (0.900 fine = 21.6 kt) and 10% copper alloy and have a total weight of 1.0750 troy ounces (33.4362 grams).

Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles were minted in three types:

  • Liberty Head (Coronet) 1849–1907
    • Type I:  No motto, value “TWENTY D.” 1849–1866
    • Type II:  With motto, value “TWENTY D.” 1866–1876
    • Type III:  With motto, value “TWENTY DOLLARS” 1877–1907