American Silver 90% Coinage

The US Government issued 90% silver, 10% copper for most circulated coinage through 1964. In 1964, the US experienced an extreme coin hoarding situation, wherein many of the new coins they were minting were kept by the public because of the intrinsic value.

Ever since, the 90% silver has been a favorite among investors, collectors and preppers, knowing this currency is still recognized as US coinage. The fractional denominational varieties range from Morgan Silver Dollars to Washington Quarters to Mercury Dimes. Sometimes referred to as Junk Silver because it has little to no numismatic or collector value and is purchased because of its 90% silver content.

There is typically .715 troy ounces or 22.23 grams of silver per $1 face value, regardless of the denomination.

Buy Junk 90% silver as an investment that will always retain value.

Junk Silver circulated coins that contain 90% silver continues to be one of the most popular and affordable ways to invest in silver. Junk Silver coins have the lowest premiums of all fractional silver bullion.

Because they are fractional by nature, 90% junk silver coins can be stored as a prep and could be used to barter.

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