$20 Saint Gaudens | Gold Double Eagle | (1907-1933)

Certified $20 Saint Gaudens can be found at https://rpmex-u-s-gold-indications
Many consider the twenty-dollar gold piece designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens to be the most beautiful U.S. coin. The first coins were issued slightly more than 12,000 high relief pieces struck for general circulation. Their relief is much higher than for later issues, and the date 1907 is in Roman numerals (MCMVII). A few proof coins were made using the lettered-edge collar from the ultra high relief version. These can be distinguished by a pronounced bottom left serif on the N in UNUM, and other minor differences. High-relief Proofs are trial experimental pieces. Flat-relief double eagles were issued later in 1907 with Arabic numerals, and continued through 1933.

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