Only 3 Graded Higher – 1886 Morgan Dollar NGC MS68

The 1886 is a plentiful Philadelphia Morgan dollar issue with a mintage that approaches 20 million coins. Dave Bowers describes the distribution of 1886 dollars in his Silver Dollar Encyclopedia: “Quantities of 1886 dollars were released by the Treasury over a long period of years, with a large number coming out in 1951, 1952, and, especially, December 1954.” Even more were released during the early 1960s, further contributing to the date’s availability. And this issue is widely recognized for its collectibility in high grades. That includes coins in MS66 and even MS67. However, perhaps unsurprisingly, availability is much more limited in this ultimate grade.

The NGC population is 41 (two of which have been designated “Star”), with only 3 MS68+ representatives graded higher.

Listed at $14,400 in the CDN CPG and $16,500 in the NGC price guide.

Offered at $7,300