Gold & Silver Bullion Indications

For bullion transactions we do business the old fashion way…

We speak with you, call for price indications and to lock trades.

(800) 257.3253 between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST M-F

Prices are based on paymnent via ACH, Bank Wire Transfer or Personal Check

Premiums and availability are subject to change without notice.

Gold Bullion Premiums

1 oz Gold Buffalo+5.50%LIVE2020 1 oz Gold Buffalo+5.85%LIVE
1 oz Gold Eagles +5.75%LIVE2020 1 oz Gold Eagles+6.00%LIVE
1/2 oz Gold Eagles+10.00%LIVE1/4 oz Gold Eagles+12.00%LIVE
1/10 oz Gold Eagles+18.00%DELAY1 oz Gold Maples+$90LIVE
1/2 oz Gold Maples+8.00%DELAY1/4 oz Gold Maples+9.00%LIVE
1/10 oz Gold Maples+16.00%DELAY.999 Gold Maples+$85DELAY
1 oz Gold Krugerrands+$85LIVE1 oz Gold Bars (carded)+$80LIVE
Prices are based on gold orders of 15 ounces or more and include shipping.
Updated August 7. 2020 @ 09:56 AM CST

Silver Bullion Premiums

Silver Eagles+$7.75LIVE2020 Silver Eagles+$7.75LIVE
Silver Maples+$5.00DELAY2020 Silver Maples+$5.05DELAY
1 oz Generic Silver Rounds+$3.45DELAY1 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds+$3.45DELAY
1 oz Generic Silver Bars+$3.55LIVE10 oz Generic Silver Bars+$3.45/ozLIVE
100 oz Generic Silver Bars+$3.45/ozLIVE100 oz Engelhard Bars+$3.65/ozLIVE
100 oz JM Bars+$3.65/ozLIVE
Prices are based on silver orders of 300 ounces or more and include shipping.
Updated August 7. 2020 @ 09:56 AM CST