1898 Barber 25c NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo




Just last year a generic date PF69 Barber Dime traded hands for over $37,000 in auction. It had no Cameo or Ultra Cameo designation but because of some spirited bidding it eclipsed a number far greater than it had last sold for.

It seems to be catching on. Perfect is perfect. There is not a single pre-1933 era U.S. Coin to ever achieved a finer grade than MS or PF69. Very few opportunities are ever around to acquire one, and it’s clear to us that at the present valuation it’s a phenomenal deal in this marketplace and an outstanding coin to hold well into the future.

This is no Dime, of course, it’s a ferociously more collected Quarter. One of 735 struck and Tied at the Top for the Finest Known.

With a razor-sharp strike and heavily frosted devices with intensely mirrored, watery fields it is everything you should expect of a coin within this grade category. A phenomena repeated very seldom, and a tremendous acquisition for any exquisite collection of major American rarities. 

PCGS Pop: 1/0  NGC Pop: 8/0

NGC Price Guide: 40,000


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