1892-O 50c NGC SP62


First Year Branch Mint Specimen Strike Barber Half.

A Possible Branch Mint Proof. One of 3 Known.



Imagine it’s 1892. The New Orleans Mint is open once more to strike Half Dollars after a 31 year hiatus dating back to 1861. The new Barber design is launched and New Orleans Mint employees gather around to watch the first coin(s) struck.

Except that you don’t have to imagine, because the scenario is very likely the reason for this coin’s existence. Although no documentation exists to support the claim, the physical evidence lay with the coin itself.

Exhibiting deep watery fields unlike most any other known example, a razor-sharp strike indicative of being struck more than once with special care, and phenomenally contrasted devices this coin has all the characteristics of being a Branch Mint Proof.

One of the finest coins you’ll ever put your eyes on in terms of eye appeal, absolute rarity and historical significance. An extraordinary coin waiting for an extraordinary collector.


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