2000 $10 Library of Congress Bimetallic NGC PF/MS 70 Mike Castle signed The only US Minted coin with Gold and Platinum

The 2000 Library of Congress Commemorative Coins were billed as “The Coins of Many Firsts”

The bimetallic coin design was inspired by the graceful architecture of the library’s Jefferson Building. The outer ring is stamped from a sheet of gold, then a solid core of platinum is placed within the ring. Then, the gold ring and platinum core are simultaneously stamped forming an annular bead where the two precious metals meet. The obverse depicts the hand of Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, raising the torch of learning aside the dome of the Thomas Jefferson Building. The coin’s reverse is marked with the Library of Congress seal encircled by a laurel wreath, symbolizing its national accomplishment

This is the first ever bi-metallic coin Stuck by the US Mint that has both Gold and Platinum in it!
Proof Mintage of 27,652 coins
Mint State Mintage of 7,261

6 x MS 70 @ $2,250 each
Pop of 94 coins

21 x PF 70 at $1,750 each
Pop of 227 coins

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