1865 $3 NGC MS61 PL

The Only Known Prooflike. The Rarest Business Strike $3 Overall.

With its mintage of just 1,140 coins the 1865 $3 easily boasts as the rarest commercially struck $3 gold piece of the entire Civil War era.

To boot, this is the only known example ever graded with Prooflike surfaces. The Civil War pitted brother against brother, father against son, and of course north against south. It quite literally flipped the country upside down.

As the drumbeat of war finally neared its end in 1865 it’s a special kind of fate that the country wasn’t spared from further turmoil after the assassination of President Lincoln at the hands of the actor John Wilkes Booth.

‘Sic Temper Tyrannis!’ he would yell as he leaped from the balcony from where he shot the President in cold blood from just inches behind. Of course, the federal government would hunt him down only days later and hang him just a short while after – but the devastation would leave Mary Todd Lincoln in literal insanity for the rest of her life, having lost her son Willy and then of course her husband – the great Honest Abe.

This is a special coin, immense with reflectivity as though one of the first struck from the dies in 1865. In Mint State it’s already a tough coin to locate no matter what, but when you couple that with its Prooflike designation it quite literally is a one of one, at a price-point nowhere near commensurate with that status.

I love dates like this. They don’t come around often, and when they do…especially with a Prooflike consideration, they ought not be passed upon.

Offered at $33,925 delivered

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