1853 $10 Assay Office Ten Dollar, 900 Thous. PCGS AU53

Local merchants petitioned the U.S. Assay Office to issue lower denomination gold coins in early 1853 to deal with a chronic shortage of small change in the region. The Assay Office complied, issuing $10 and $20 coinage on an emergency basis from February 23 to March 1. But these coins were necessarily of lower fineness than the .900 alloy specified by the federal government because the firm had no parting acids on hand. When a supply of parting acids finally arrived, the Assay Office produced $10 coins with the proper fineness between March and April of 1853. They are classified as the K-16 variety in Don Kagin’s series reference and are quite elusive and prized today. In hand, this one’s color is lighter than seen in our images. The PCGS population is just 2 with 14 higher.

Offered at $13,200 delivered

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