Gold: 1281.90 / 1285.90 -8.19      |      Silver: 17.93 / 18.03 -0.05      |      Platinum: 1246.00 /1258.00 -10.00      |      Palladium: 787.00 / 793.00 13.00
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Rare Coins

Weekly Pick: 1897 50c Pittman Proof 68 NGC
Only 731 Minted! 

An absolutely exquisite array of obverse and reverse toning, featuring shades of amber and cosmic blue on the obverse and a gorgeous circular splattering of nebulaic blue and purple on the reverse. 

Owned by one of the most legendary collectors who ever walked the face of the earth, John Pittman, whose collection realized millions upon millions of dollars when it sold off a very modest investment. 

Only 731 Minted! Extremely Rare. 

At the Top of the Conditional Ladder! A PR68 is simply spectacular, and absolutely as struck. Beautifully toned over the years!
Price: $10,640.00